Sunday, August 2, 2009


I went to the Urban Craft Uprising yesterday, fully planning on feeding my craft obsession. I strolled the aisles, enjoying all the displays, buying only a couple things. It was when I went over to the workshop area that I really perked up. The first workshop was put on by the cool authors of Feltique, Niklola Davidson and Brookelynn Morris! They put roving in our hands and we all went wild, poking our little wads of wool with a little barbed needle. I was just going to felt a large bead and embellish it, but after felting on two orange dots I realized I was holding a bug head! So, on went antennae and a little black mouth.

The person next to me felted a darling apple, with stem and leaf; the person on the other side made a beautiful flower. Sadly, my camera was out of juice so I couldn't "capture the moment" :-(.

I bought the book and look forward to many more felting adventures.

I kick myself for not going to the previous workshop! It was put on by Diane Gilleland, the author of Kanzashi in Bloom and the creator of CraftyPod. So today I pulled out some lovely fabric squares, searched the internet, and made my own little kanzashi flower. Oh, I felt so much better!

I stayed for the next workshop put on by Susan Beal. Her book is Button It Up. She provided hair clips and a colorful mound of buttons and we all made cute hair baubles. I could only find one of the two clips today... I bought her book as well :-).

The crocheted flower in the picture is one I made a few weeks ago. I've been on a real crochet kick lately and will post about that later.

These are rocks I felted a few weeks ago. These pics don't really do them justice. When picking them up you feel the weight of the rock and the softness of the wool; a very pleasant combination!

What a perfect day, sitting on the deck with my pack, crafting away, and watching the birds!

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Diane said...

Nice! Wish I could have gone to Urban Uprising with you. I need a craft fix with my pal!!