Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mountlake Terrace Parade

Kobe and Daisy in the stroller always creates quite a stir, but it sure is an easy way to transport them in a crowd. So it was when we attended the MLT parade Friday night. Parades can get very loud and I'm always amazed at the doggies' tolerance for noise. This held true until the Seafair Pirates showed up. Pirates being pirates, they have to fire off their cannon. Suddenly I had a Daisy in my arms, poor baby. That cannon was the tipping point.

The most beautiful entrants were these Hawaiian princesses on their horses. I was so busy taking pictures I never did find out what the organization was. There were about eight horses and riders, all bedecked in lovely lei. I may have to go to another parade just so I can see them again!


Sissel said...

The dogs look so cute in that buggy. Grandma Sissel

Diane said...

Those Hawaiian ladies and their costumes and leis are gorgeous! So, were you and your doggies in the parade or just looking on? :)

Nancy said...

We were looking on. Next year, though, I think I'll bring them with to the Syttende Mai parade. One year they rode with me in the back of a pickup and they were quite the hit. Imagine if they were in the stroller bedecked with Norwegian bunting :-).