Sunday, August 9, 2009

Birthday Lunch for Claire

Our annual birthday lunch for Claire at Arnie's in Edmonds. Always a lovely time and a wonderful tradition.

Kellie loves her Mom!

The food is oh-so-good.

Mimosas go well with these meals!

As do the sticky buns, yum!

Claire received this beautiful necklace from Kellie's boyfriend. Does he have good taste or what?

Happy birthday, Claire! Love you!

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Kellie Kvinne said...

Great pics Nancy!!! Had a blast yesterady... Mom did too. Always fun to spend time antiquing and dining at Arnies. So where is the photo of all 3 of us? I like that one. Plus you said you'd put a photo up of that norwegian sewing basket you got for that bargain basement price of $11.25! LOVE YOU!!