Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun in Wenatchee

These are a few pics from my recent all-too-short visit with Barbara and Toby. They live in Wenatchee and I take the train to get there. The trip over is great; Grant and the doggies drop me off at the Edmonds train station for departure at 5:17. A pleasant 3.5 hours later, I'm in Wenatchee. The trip home, not so good. But we're not worrying about the 5:25 a.m. return trip at the moment; Toby is ready to get in the water!

Like lots of dogs (not mine) Toby loves fetching and water, probably in that order. So, we are on the Columbia River and Toby is having a grand old time, getting a good run.

Barbara is very unkeen on having her picture taken. She allowed this one, all shrouded in shade and at a distance. I'll take what I can get :-).

The sports setting on my camera is pretty cool.

Toby: "Yes, I'm very pleased with myself!"

Heidi lives across the street and was happy to pose with Toby.

This shot was taken from just up the hill behind Barbara's house.

Looking down on Barbara's yellow house from said hill.

Two of the neighbor dogs: Sam,

and Molly.

They would have LOVED to some with us back to Barb's house, but knew they weren't invited :-(.

Barb has created a lovely oasis in her back yard. This is one of her three ponds.

You-know-who keeps watch.

Barb has just finished another pond with the water cascading into this one and cycling back up. Can hardly wait to see it!

So looking forward to my next visit. Love you guys!

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Diane said...

GREAT pictures!! I loved the first one, the one of the dog swimming in the water with the great outdoors as the backdrop, the backyard oasis, and I zoomed in on Barbara and think she's pretty so shouldn't be photo-phobic! Looks like you had a fun trip and the weather was perfect.