Monday, September 14, 2009

Dragonflies and Whales

This last trip to visit Grant's Mom in Southern California was especially nice as far as our day trips went. We focused on Laguna Beach (nature walks abound!) and Dana Point (whale watching.) We were on our way to one particular nature area in Laguna Beach and instead stumbled upon the Environmental Nature Center. It's a small area of only 3.5 acres and surrounded by houses, but the beauty found there was delightful.

Most of the butterflies in the Butterfly House were safely secluded for the afternoon and the House ready to close, but a few were still out. The flowers this butterfly chose to enjoy was laying on the ground, but the dirt provided a lovely background:

The next day we went to Dana Point to go whale watching. This is a very tricky experience. You must focus your camera on the whale when it surfaces. This is what happens when you don't:

A marine biologist was on the boat to provide information about the whales. In addition, we got to watch while she collected whale poop; an experience I did not expect to have!

After the video disaster, I was very, very happy to get this shot:

Only in California: a giant lemon being followed by a Maserati.


Diane said...

You take GREAT photos, Nancy! I especially loved the dragonflies. And the whale video (or should I say "lack-of-whale" video) totally cracked me up. What were those bugs moving so fast? Ants? Made my skin crawl! Loved the lemon/lamborgini combo. Fun post!!

Nancy said...

Yes, they were ants. I couldn't believe how fast they were moving!

NanaDawn said...

Nancy, you are a photographer!!!!!!

Around the hook said...

What a lovely picture of the whale you have!

It's my dream to see one!