Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Halloween is always a busy day at the nursing home. I brought my face painting kit and decorated a lot of faces, passed out funny hats and took tons of pictures. A few of the staff dressed up (bless them!) I was a wizard, Kobe was a cowboy, and Daisy was a unicorn. I'm always amazed at how mellow they are when I make them wear these crazy getups.

See the dog inside the parrot? He rode around on her shoulder all day.

Now, there's two smiles to just warm your heart!


Normando said...

Wow Dad looks so happy.
Great pic Nanc!

Diane said...

Great to see that picture of your wonderful parents. And those poor dogs . . the things they all put up with at Halloween! The parrot one was amazing. And of course your little unicorn was darling.