Friday, October 10, 2008

Scratch Patch

Today was an oh-so-lovely day! I was out running errands and decided to head over to Scratch Patch. I had read about it in the paper a year ago, right after it had opened. Parked the car and walked down to Roosevelt and 65th, where I thought it was located. Not there! I asked around and found out it had moved to a new (and bigger) location. Big sigh of relief! The new location is over on Latona and 65th.

Scratch Patch sells stones, colorful, polished stones. The joy of Scratch Patch is that these pretty stones cover the floor and you get to sit in this sea of color and pick out the ones that catch your eye. I really wish I'd had a small friend with to share the experience with but I managed to forge ahead and had a wonderful time. Here is the article I read back in August, 2007. You'll see why I wanted to experience this little oasis!

Here are a few of the pretty stones I chose.

Doesn't this look like fun?

The owner, Amanda Lamprecht, is just a delightful person. She has created a wonderful, calming
environment and I definitely plan on returning, this time with a friend!

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Diane said...

Very cool! Reminds me of glass beach that was on my brother's blog. A whole beach fo sea-smoothed pieces of glass!