Monday, October 6, 2008

Dogs and Bracelets

I so enjoy the blog resurrection fern. Margie Oomen is one talented lady. She is very creative and her photography is beautiful. I have been very inspired by her work and highly recommend you check out her blog.

On September 12, she presented a tutorial on a knit and felted bangle bracelet. Great idea, I thought, and grabbed some yarn to create my own bracelet. Unfortunately, I used bulky yarn and the result was a bit overwhelming. Not to let this bit of knitting go to waste, I cut the bracelet, took out the knot, and stitched it up to fit my wrist. I then sewed on a bunch of gold beads and my bracelet was saved!

Daisy found it all a bit boring.

Kobe just slept through it.

I want to make some more bracelets using the correct weight yarn. If they turn out I'll post them. Kobe and Daisy will probably not find them any more interesting, however.

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Diane said...

darling pictures and cool bracelet!!