Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yet Another Trip to California!

Grant and I took a long-overdue trip to visit his Mom. She lives in Leisure World, a gated retirement community of 9,000 in Seal Beach, California. It's nestled between Long Beach and Huntington Beach, south of Los Angeles.

It's seems like we used to fly closer to Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens; maybe heading south we fly further to the west. We are much further away than this photo shows.

Walking around Leisure World is a delight. Given it's locale, flowers of some kind are always in bloom and the sun is usually out. These flowers remind me of plumeria and smell divine.

I was very happy this little birdie cooperated for me. He flew around a few times before settling back in so I could take his picture.

Next trip I'm going to figure out what kind of tree this seed pod came from. I love the tiny drops of resin clinging to it.

This pot certainly made me smile!

Oh, the sunsets.

Paul's Place is one of our favorite eating establishments. It has outside seating only, surrounded by a stone fence, potted plants, and a canopy of trees overhead. Dozens of sparrows wait patiently for handouts. My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach; next trip it will only be ice tea and one taco!


Diane said...

So, that's Mount St. Helens, right? And I believe the flower is mock orange, but I could be wrong. And is the bird a Phoebe? Great pictures! What a beautiful area. BTW, "the sun is out" is a phrase I never here in California. Probably, because it's not an event! :)

Kellie Kvinne said...

I am using that flower pic for my computer wallpaper! What a fabulous photo. :)