Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Sundays at the Seattle Center

We've been taking advantage of this glorious weather lately. The last two Sundays we spent the afternoon down at the Seattle Center; first for the Hawaiian Festival and yesterday Fiestas Patrias 2009. Bumbershoot and Folklife are, of course, wonderful, but it's nice to spend time there when the crowds are considerably less. Combine the warm glow of afternoon sun, plus music, food, and beautiful surroundings and you have just the perfect day!

Riding the doggies around in the stroller causes such a stir it's a bit embarrasing. Three different people actually took their picture. Who knows, maybe they will show up on someone's blog.

Kobe's head popped up just as I took this last one.

The Hawaiian festival had two craft areas for adults (kudos to the organizers, usually it's just for kids!) By the time we got to the lei-making table they had run out of flowers. The quilting area was my second choice and I probably would not have gone over there; I'm so glad I did. The ladies had little kits all made up to hand-stitch this square. How cool was that? I grilled one of the volunteers with questions, then went on my way. I have started stitching it at home and am just thrilled with it's simple beauty.

Can't have a Hawaiian festival without ukulele!

Yesterday we went down again to the Center for the Fiestas Patrias 2009. Alas, no craft projects but the food was good and hot and the music loud and enthusiastic. This little guy played a mean rhythm.

Most of the time we spent hanging out by the fountain.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

100th Anniversary of Norway Day!

August 30, 2009 marked the 100th anniversary of Norway Day during the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition in Seattle. The Norwegian Ladies Chorus performed as part of the celebration as well as the Norwegian Male Chorus.

It was a stunningly beautiful day, just perfect for the Nordic Spirit to make it's way to Fisherman's Terminal. As I was driving into Ballard I could see fog rolling into the ship canal, creating this lovely scene (second shot).

The Nordic Spirit. According to the link, it was built originally as a fishing boat in the early 1800s but was "adapted to a Viking design in the 1960s." It was donated to the Nordic Heritage Museum 30 years ago. More information at this link (scroll down to bottom of page; it's the second-to-last story.)

I wasn't on hand when the Nordic Spirit docked, but recorded it's departure:

It was just the perfect day, and great to be a part of the celebration.

Afterward, Gail, Claire, Mom, and I had dinner at a great Thai restaurant. (Diane, you and I ate there a few years ago; same location, just a different restaurant!)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dragonflies and Whales

This last trip to visit Grant's Mom in Southern California was especially nice as far as our day trips went. We focused on Laguna Beach (nature walks abound!) and Dana Point (whale watching.) We were on our way to one particular nature area in Laguna Beach and instead stumbled upon the Environmental Nature Center. It's a small area of only 3.5 acres and surrounded by houses, but the beauty found there was delightful.

Most of the butterflies in the Butterfly House were safely secluded for the afternoon and the House ready to close, but a few were still out. The flowers this butterfly chose to enjoy was laying on the ground, but the dirt provided a lovely background:

The next day we went to Dana Point to go whale watching. This is a very tricky experience. You must focus your camera on the whale when it surfaces. This is what happens when you don't:

A marine biologist was on the boat to provide information about the whales. In addition, we got to watch while she collected whale poop; an experience I did not expect to have!

After the video disaster, I was very, very happy to get this shot:

Only in California: a giant lemon being followed by a Maserati.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun in Wenatchee

These are a few pics from my recent all-too-short visit with Barbara and Toby. They live in Wenatchee and I take the train to get there. The trip over is great; Grant and the doggies drop me off at the Edmonds train station for departure at 5:17. A pleasant 3.5 hours later, I'm in Wenatchee. The trip home, not so good. But we're not worrying about the 5:25 a.m. return trip at the moment; Toby is ready to get in the water!

Like lots of dogs (not mine) Toby loves fetching and water, probably in that order. So, we are on the Columbia River and Toby is having a grand old time, getting a good run.

Barbara is very unkeen on having her picture taken. She allowed this one, all shrouded in shade and at a distance. I'll take what I can get :-).

The sports setting on my camera is pretty cool.

Toby: "Yes, I'm very pleased with myself!"

Heidi lives across the street and was happy to pose with Toby.

This shot was taken from just up the hill behind Barbara's house.

Looking down on Barbara's yellow house from said hill.

Two of the neighbor dogs: Sam,

and Molly.

They would have LOVED to some with us back to Barb's house, but knew they weren't invited :-(.

Barb has created a lovely oasis in her back yard. This is one of her three ponds.

You-know-who keeps watch.

Barb has just finished another pond with the water cascading into this one and cycling back up. Can hardly wait to see it!

So looking forward to my next visit. Love you guys!