Sunday, July 5, 2009

Father's Day at Mountain Meadows

Mom, Dad, and I spent Father's Day with Norm and the doggies at his new digs. He is the farm manager at Mountain Meadows Farm outside of North Bend. We took the Access van to get there. I didn't realize we would be changing vans at the Bellevue Park and Ride (and that it would be a 45 minute wait!) but it was worth it for Dad to get out of town.

Norm and Kelli's house.

I've never seen Columbine this color; beautiful!

Norm said the trees lean like this from the winds in the winter.

There's lots of room for their several horses. The farm has a total of 200 acres.

Conveniently, the house has a wheelchair ramp. The owner's mother lived here at one time.

The former manager built four of these, crossing a stream, to look old. I think he succeeded!

A beaver keeps damming up the stream. No sooner do they take the dam apart and he starts rebuilding it.

Notice the somewhat bare tree trunks. The local elk enjoy the tender shoots!

We look forward to visiting again!


Diane said...

What a wonderful place and a great outing for your folks, especially your dad. Very cool!

Sissel said...

I would love to have seeds from that columbine!