Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Remember when bookstores were the only place you'd find a languishing cat? Now I just need to go to my dentist. "Eddie" has been hanging around for quite some time (evidenced by the food and water bowls set out by the front door - I never actually saw him.) Early this spring I asked again about this elusive kitty. Clare, my very talented and thorough Dental Hygienist, said, "let's go outside and check on him." The mystery cat revealed!

The next time I visited he was inside the office, looking very much at home (you know, like he owned the place.)

I swear they designed their carpet with Eddie in mind. Doesn't he look most elegant against the sharp angles?

I expect Eddie will be sleeping on my lap the next time I get my teeth cleaned (just kidding, Clare!)


Diane said...

Perfect. I'll have to tell MY dentist!

Anonymous said...

That kitty is exactly why I have always had a soft spot for cats. You really should let him sit on your lap next time!