Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Afternoon Sun

It was fun to stroll around the yard and see what beauty I could find. The sun was out and it was actually warm! What an amazing treat after all that cold weather! As I post this the temperature has dropped again; what gives? It's not global warming anymore, it's global "weird weather."

Kobe and Daisy are feeling very left out.

Dandelions in Norway are not reviled as they are here. I've actually seen them gracing postcards!

This is the best ground cover ever!

This ladybug was deep in the protection of the plant. I had to annoy her a bit to get her out in the open. Finally she complied!

Is he not just the sweetest boy?

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Diane said...

Great pictures Nancy! Looks like Spring has Sprung in the Seattle area. Have a wonderful Easter!