Friday, August 22, 2008

Axel's Garden

Since Dad is now at the nursing home there is not much produce coming out of his garden. He used to plant tomatoes, scarlet runner beans, corn, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, beats, onions and I'm sure more that I have missed. This is not counting his beautiful raspberry plants, which continue to produce. Fortunately, though, the lady who supplied him with some of his tomato plants came over in early summer and planted several. Lots of the little yellow cherry tomatoes (Dad's favorite) are growing, as well as bigger tomatoes. Tonight I made that delicious Italian salad with one of those beautiful big tomatoes. Can't remember the name but it's comprised of sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, olive oil and basil.

But there's more in Axel's garden. Lots and lots of volunteer potato plants made their way to the sun and produced beautiful little potatoes in the rich dirt below. He's not there to tend to his garden but part of it still flourishes.

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Diane Morissette said...

That's Caprese Salad, my friend. My favorite!!